CES 3.2 is out! But what is CES?

Last month, we released Centreon 2.6.  Today, it’s CES 3.2.  For those not familiar with Centreon solutions, this might cause some confusion. What’s the difference, you might ask?

To help you understand, I’ve put together this short 3-part series.  Part one briefly explains our software history, solution concept and advantages of CES.

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Latest product updates…

  1. Centreon BAM in Centreon Broker

Since January 2015, we have integrated a module of Centreon BAM 3.0 into the real-time engine of Centreon Broker 2.8, making it:

  • More intuitive. A service activity is only computed when the status of the related KPI changes.
  • More resource efficient. By abandoning CRON that consumed heavy resources because of its insistence in computing all service activities every single minute, we are able to free up resources for more service activities to the monitoring system.
  • More accurate in delivering relevant insights with BI’s new reporting templates. All events are now stored in a database to clearly trace the location and component linked to an incident for troubleshooting.
  • More faithful to the chronology of incidents. Updates are made in real time by the second, allowing the precise identification of an incident’s root cause.

Centreon Broker will also be the first to benefit from the gradual integration of InfluxDB with Centreon solutions, to deliver:

  • Better scalability
  • Significant reduction of storage space
  • Easy data recovery
  • Advanced computation of patterns and trends
  1. 5 New BI Reporting Templates

  • BusinessView-BusinessActivities-Availabilities-Calendar
    This report displays statistics about availability and incidents of business service activities by month and day in calendar view. This report is generated using the default reporting time period of each business activity.
  • BusinessView-BusinessActivities-Availabilities-1
    This report displays availability and incident statistics of business service activities from a business perspective. This report is generated using the default reporting time period of each business activity.
  • BusinessActivities-Availability-1
    This report displays availability and events statistics for a business activity.
  • Hostgroup Monthly Network Centile
    This report displays the average use of your inbound and outbound bandwidth by interface on a monthly basis.
  • Hostgroup-Service-Incident-Resolution-2
    This report displays the rate of acknowledged and resolved incidents, the longest failures, the least reliable services and equipment generating the most alerts for a hostgroup.

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CENTREON 2.6: Released Today

Enhanced user experience and better exploitation …

Centreon 2.6 delivers a number of key improvements and enhancements that stay true to what long-time users appreciate most about Centreon, particularly:

  • Continued scalability in terms of usage
  • Better user control and adaptability
  • Easier configuration and overall use
  • Additional compatibility with industry standards open source

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