Auto import LDAP users

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We seen in last article how to import manually LDAP users in Centreon wen interface. This boring import can be done automatically !

For security reasons, the Centreon web inteface doesn’t allow for users( who is not linked to ACL definition) to see resources after connection.

So, if you connect Centreon to an incorrect branch of the LDAP directory, only the resources associated with the LDAP groups allowed in Centreon (part of the configuration of ACL) will have access to resources.


To enable auto-import, you must edit the LDAP configuration on Centreon web interface using “Administration -> Options -> Options -> LDAP” menu and select your LDAP configuration.

Enable auto-import by checking “Auto import users” box:


Save the configuration using “Save” button.


In our example the “Tintin” user  is never connected to Centreon web interface. He is not present into user list:


After connection, the “Tintin” user has access to an empty interface due to no relations with ACL definitions. However, the administrator account can see that the contact has been imported into Centreon:


This contact use an LDAP autenticationto access to Centreon web interface:


The notification parameters are inherited from the “ldap_template” contact’s template.

Have a nice configuration!