Autologin to Centreon web interface

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Do you want to access to a particular menu of Centreon from your desktop without having to set your password?
Do you want to share an interface summarizing the functioning of a free application without authentication for your user?

Since the beginning, Centreon allows to setup autologin to web interface. To perform autologin you need to enable autologin shortcut from “Administration -> Options -> Options -> Display Autologin shortcut” menu:

2015-03-13_144005The URI was:

Enable autologin

Now the mechanism is a little bit more extended. In fact you can enable or not autologin, choose to display autologin shortcut and generate unique token for Centreon user from user form:

To enable autologin perform following actions:

  1. Enable options from “Administration -> Options -> Options” menu:
  2. Edit contact from “Configuration -> Users -> Contacts / Users” menu.
  3. Generate token from “Centreon Authentication” tab:

2015-03-13_145313To use autologin, you have 2 ways:

  1. Use following URI:
  1. Use autologin shortcut:

2015-03-13_145505You will then automatically connect to the Centreon interface.

To go further

It is possible to connect to a specific page by selecting the right menu. For this, you have two options:

  1. Use the autlogin shortcut (updated each time you change the menu);
  2. Setup yourself the URI with correct parameters.

In the second case, you have to extract the menu parameters with “p=[menu]” var:

  • p=103 allows to access to “Home -> Custom views” menu
  • p=20201 allows to access to “Monitoring -> Services -> All Services” menu
  • etc.

Setup your URI modufying “p=1″ with needed value. Moreover you can add filtering option using “o=[value]”.

For example:

Good configuration!

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