Centreon 2.0 RC-1 has been released!

Oh, we finally released this very first RC of Centreon 2! How long have we been developing on those beta versions? There are many people we would like to thank, the job couldn’t have been done without their assistance.

There is a real evolution from Centreon 1.x to Centreon 2.x, almost everything has been modified and improved.As a reminder, here are the main features, at least the ones that come to my mind right now, of Centreon 2 :
– New installer, special thanks to Watt. This installer is so convenient, it definitely makes our lives merrier :p
– Compatibility with Nagios 3 & NDOUtils
– New frontend, new design… AJAX is used more than ever in this new Centreon
– Distributed monitoring
– Multiple templates…

Even a new CentStorage (ODS) is being developed now, the perf should be enhanced drastically… very promising!

Also, I would like to give credits to the community. Contributors became much more active than before, we receive feedbacks everyday, keep it up! If you find any bug, please report them in through the bugtracker. We do read your messages on the forum every now and then, but we can’t read them all… so if you post your bug report on the forum, there is a very high chance that we will miss it out.

As always, we count on everybody to make Centreon better and better ;)

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