Centreon 2.1.5 available

We are pleased to announce the release of Centreon 2.1.5 !

Centreon 2.1.5 is available here.

You can find bugfixes list bellow :

  • fix: problem with graph and nsclient ++ (\ problems)
  • fix: problem with last year in reporting
  • fix: hostgroup escalation export
  • fix: cgi.cfg generation
  • fix: problem on icone un service extended information
  • fix: problem on downtime for services and hosts
  • fix: event logs
  • fix: LDAP authentication
  • fix: LDAP import
  • fix: service group view display double information
  • fix: first notification delay not managed by meta services
  • fix: host duplication problem
  • fix: remove null password possibility for MySQL account during setup
  • fix: autocomplete password disable in contact form
  • fix: requiretty problem managed for CentOS/Redhat

Currently centreon team is working on Centreon 2.2. The progress is running well and we hope to have a Release candidate in 1 month :) If you want more information arround centreon development, you can go on Centreon forge.

Happy upgrade and Enjoy !

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