Centreon 2.1.9 Released

This is a bug fix version correcting some dysfunctions highlighted by our users. It doesn’t contain any correction related to security or emergency.

The change log includes the following:


  • The heartbeat of the RRDTool bases has been improved
  • Update of the Prototype library
  • General improvement of the requests in the monitoring page
  • It is now possible to use the “%” in the Metrics performances.


  • Problem with the inclusions of JavaScript insert twice in the table topology_js
  • Problem with the special characters in the objects’ names
  • Problem of «//» when sending external orders on a service including a «/» in its name
  • Management of the special characters in the links on the monitoring
  • Problem of rule for the meta services form
  • Suppression of the warning in Centstorage
  • Verify that the timestamp of the performances data are real and not corrupted values
  • Problem with the “SNMP version” field in the hosts models configuration (impossible to save 2C version)

This new version is available from the Centreon web site download page.

The change log of this version is also accessible from our web site.

All new functions will soon be on the Centreon software range demo platform.

For more details:

More information on developments and Centreon sources are available on the Centreon forge.

If you don’t have any account yet on the forge, you may create one at this address.

The MERETHIS developers’ teams are currently working on a new version of Centreon 2.2. If you wish to be informed of the next releases you may subscribe today to our Newsletter.

Happy upgrade!

The MERETHIS team.

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