Centreon 2.1 Stable Released

We are pleased to announce the release of version 2.1 of Centreon stable. This version is the reward of several months of work during which we focused our efforts on many feedbacks from our community, partners and customers.

We have mainly focused our efforts on two topics : performance and security. We now have a solution that can achieve a load of several tens of thousands checkpoints. A important work has also been invested in the Access Control List system in order to cover more usage needs.

Already mentioned in a previous article, the main changes are:

  • New view “Unhandled Problems” : in the Monitoring section, you will now find views in which you can see problems that have not been acknowledged, nor planned in downtime.
  • New configuration log : in the Administration section, you will find a new page that shows the changelog of your configuration objects such as Hosts, Services, Contacts etc…
  • Timezones are now handled in the Contact configuration : it is now possible to put a timezone in the user configuration.
  • Timezones are now handled in the Host configuration : it is now possible to put a timezone in the host configuration. Each host will then be monitored with a check time period depending on its time period. This feature was often requested by firms which run their monitoring system in very large WAN networks.
  • Major enhancement was done on Treeview menus (Views and Monitoring > Event Logs sections)
  • New search fields have been added in some pages (Views, Monitoring > Event Logs) thus offering a better and more accurate filtering system
  • New menu system : navigation is now on a whole different level, we will now save many mouse clicks and loading time when navigating from one page to another
  • ACL system has been enhanced with better performance
  • Monitoring dashboard has been enhanced to make it as reactive as possible. Many benchmarks were done, and the dashboard is proved the be much better in terms of performance.
  • Nagios Configuration files generation engine has been enhanced. Configuration files will be generated much faster than before : it actually takes 10 times less amount of time to generate files in an environment with over 3,000 hosts and 50,000 services.
  • Censtorage has been enhanced, database queries have been optimized.
  • Centreon-core has been enhanced, it performs better exchanges of the data files

You can now test this new version by downloading it on the official website of Centreon.

I would like to thank and give credits to many people who worked on Centreon and especially on this very version: the Merethis development team (Sylvester, Nicolas, Laurent, Mat, Matthieu, Damien, Cedric …), Nikolaus Filus, Guillaume Watteeux and all the other people I did not mention but they are essential for Centreon. Members of our forge and forum are the ones who keep this community so lively.

The development team will now focus on the development of version 2.2 with a solid roadmap that we will reveal shortly.

Following the next time…

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