Centreon 2.2 released

Dear Centreon’s users,

We’ve just finished upgrading, testing, bugfixing and packging the latest version of Centreon. We are pleased with the new features and enhancements this release brings.

Major changes include the following:

New Features,

  • Multi Engines (Nagios, Icinga, Shinken)
  • Possibility to use multiple event broker modules
  • New command service configuration interface with argument descriptions
  • New search fields in Monitoring > Services pages (search by host, service, plugin output)
  • Shortcut link from host configuration page to service configuration page
  • Icons in all service, host, host template and service template configuration pages
  • New trap management system which includes status detection rules
  • Possibility to set ACL groups directly from contact form
  • Possibility to directly link ACL groups to ACL resources, menus and actions.
  • Zoom in RRD graph
  • RRD graph navigation (previous / next)
  • RRD graph can be exported
  • Random colors for unknown data sources
  • Context-aware help tooltips
  • New type of objects: Host Categories (for ACL purposes)
  • Resources can be filtered by Poller
  • New synchronization system for media directory


  • Implementation of Ajax on Tactical overview page
  • Overlay windows show up in tactical overview and host monitoring pages
  • Better overview of monitoring status
  • Module menus can be translated
  • Moved Nagios process control page to Administration > Server Status page (used to be in Home > Nagios Statistics)
  • Downtime and Comment pages in Monitoring > Services and Monitoring > Hosts pages (used to be in Monitoring > Event Logs)
  • Cron jobs running status are stored in database
  • Custom macro tab has been removed, the custom macro fields are displayed in the first tab (Configuration > Hosts and Configuration Services)
  • Special characters with accents are now properly displayed in monitoring/views/configuration pages
  • Improved management of macros in host and service configuration page
  • Added a specific color for disabled object in monitoring
  • Multi select box in configuration pages display elements in order
  • Added overlay windows for hosts in monitoring pages such as “Grid” and “Summary”


Special thanks to some of our contributors whose assistance was invaluable to this new version:

  • Nikolaus Filus (developer)
  • Christophe Coraboeuf (developer)
  • David Porte (developer)
  • Marc-Christian Petersen (beta tester)
  • Our translators and bug reporters

We strongly encourage you to upgrade to this stable version.

More information on developments and Centreon sources are available on the Centreon forge. If you do not have any account yet on the forge, you may create one at this address.

The MERETHIS developers’ teams are now working on a new version of Centreon 2.3, a first RC version is expected to be released really soon. Do not hesitate to get involved and make your contributions.

As usual, we invite you to report found bugs at our forge

Translations take place HERE

If you are in charge of a community module, make sure it is compatible with Centreon 2.2. You may post your questions on our forum where experts would be glad to give you answers

If you wish to be informed of the next releases you may subscribe today to our Newsletter.

Happy upgrade!

The MERETHIS team.

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