Centreon 2.3.5 and Centreon Broker 2.1.1 released today

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We are glad to release 2 bugfix versions today

Before reading the changelog, please notice that if you want to upgrade to Centreon Broker 2.1 and further versions, you need to upgrade to Centreon 2.3.5 before because of a database change (see below for more details)

Centreon version 2.3.5

This version fix the following minor bugs :

  • fix the problem that occured when editing a service linked to an Host group from the service details page;
  • fix a problem with Nagios stats graphs;
  • fix nagiosPerfTrace running problems;
  • fix service categories special characters;
  • fix meta service parsing error;
  • fix problem with host downtime;
  • fix the pagination error in host and service downtime;
  • avoid to block SSH/SCP connexion in centcore;
  • fix the problem with the backup file in centstorage;
  • fix the generation of servicegroup dependancies which failed;
  • retrieve the status_file parameters in nagios.cfg;
  • delete the old Broker files when removing it.

Moreover, a few changes have been added :

  • it’s now possible to start Nagios from Administration » status screen;
  • Centreon Broker is now the default engine.

Centreon Broker 2.1 & 2.1.1

Centreon Broker 2.1 comes with a big database change:

  • The acknowledgements and downtimes delete time are thrown in databases;
  • Add the deletion_time column in the database table of the acknowledgements and downtimes.

The Centreon Broker 2.1.1 version just includes a small fix (issue on metrics names special chars).

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