CENTREON 2.6: Released Today

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Enhanced user experience and better exploitation …

Centreon 2.6 delivers a number of key improvements and enhancements that stay true to what long-time users appreciate most about Centreon, particularly:

  • Continued scalability in terms of usage
  • Better user control and adaptability
  • Easier configuration and overall use
  • Additional compatibility with industry standards open source

  1. Continued User Scalability

ACL management has been improved to allow for a greater number of simultaneous sysadmin users to work on the same monitoring platform.  With release 2.6, Centreon is pushing these boundaries further.

You can now expect quite reasonably, to have 30 sysadmin users operating on the same monitoring platform, working on more than 200,000 checks at a time.

  1. Better User Control

One of the biggest advantages of using open source is in the flexibility to adapt its technical capabilities to the level of the user context and environment.  At Centreon, we maintain this advantage and turn over such capabilities to our users.

In release 2.6, one of these capabilities is to allow you to further leverage SNMP traps with Centreontrapd.  You now have the possibility to:

  • Transform or adapt the exit message of a SNMP trap, for instance, to standardize output messages in your monitoring view;
  • Execute a specific code linked to the message of a SNMP trap, to trigger for instance, some service or process restart;
  • Disregard some SNMP trap of a specific host when it is declared to be in downtime.

Another example, 2.6 enables you to efficiently reconstruct your reporting view in the case of information loss due to an incident.  Centreon 2.6 does this by running a simple analysis of the log database to regenerate events needed for the reconstruction.  All you need to do is to specify a start date of the incident to retrieve the needed information. This way, parsing the entire database is no longer needed and you save time and resources.

  1. Easier to Configure

Configuration is once again simplified with release 2.6, to achieve a homogeneous integration with intuitive changes for the existing monitoring environment.

  • Centreon 2.6 introduces a capability for the dependent services of a host to automatically inherit its configured criticality. It’s also possible to define the levels of global criticality of a particular host and dependent services cluster thanks to the use of templates.
  1. Compatibility to PHP 5.4

Fans of Debian 7, Ubuntu 13.04, Redhat 7 and CentOS 7 will appreciate the new PHP 5.4 compatibility of Centreon’s user interface in 2.6.

Installation of Centreon 2.6 for entreprises is simplified to maintain a homogeneous, distributed and secure monitoring environment!

Made available first in release 2.6, the PHP compatibility is planned as an enhancement over time for all Centreon products, gradually and surely.

Find the release note here.
Download the new version!

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