Centreon BI 1.2.0 released

Centreon BI is now available in the 1.2.0 version.

What brings this new version? What are the new features?

The Centreon Business Intelligence (BI) module offers in-depth examination of the data collected by your Centreon monitoring tool. Centreon BI is driven by a very powerful reporting engine and offers the possibility of generating customized reports on the availability and performance of your IT infrastructure.

Based on the logs and data collected by Centreon, reports created by Centreon BI enable you to accurately analyze data to find the critical indicators that you can quickly act upon to remediate your IT infrastructure’s issues.

This version 1.2.0 brings important improvements in the ergonomics of the interface and the creation of new reports. The generation of reports in various formats and the announcement by e-mail were also included in this version.

The changes are the following ones:


  • More shared objects are now available in the design/conception libraries, thus making it easier to create reports.
  • Export of reports in formats Excel, Word and Powerpoint
  • Delivery of notification emails that come along with generated reports as attachments


Centreon BI New job

  • Improvement of the ergonomics of the interface (engine, filters of research,…)
  • Lists of reports and job generations are automatically refreshed with Ajax.



Centreon BI Jobs and views

  • New available reports:
  1. Export of RRD graphs by host on formats PDF / EXCEL / WORD / POWERPOINT
  2. Export of RRD graphs by group of hosts
  3. Export of RRD graphs by group of services
  4. Availability of a group of resources


Centreon BI Rapport Graphs


Centreon BI Services availability


  • The ACL configuration method was improved
  • Configuration of report generation jobs: the generation of report over sliding periods is not available any more, it will be taken back in a future version with a better management of the reporting periods.
  • Report deletion process is managed with a trash bin
  • Reporting engine logs rotation
  • Optimization of the API Centreon BI

All new functions will soon be on the Centreon demo platform.

The MERETHIS developers’ teams are currently working on a new version of Centreon BI which will be soon available.

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Happy upgrade!

The MERETHIS team.

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