Centreon BI 1.3.0 released

The Centreon Business Intelligence (BI) module offers in-depth examination of the data collected by your Centreon monitoring tool. Centreon BI is driven by a very powerful reporting engine and offers the possibility of generating custom reports on the availability and performance of your IT infrastructure. Based on the logs and data collected by Centreon, reports generated by Centreon BI allow you to accurately analyze data to find the critical indicators that you can quickly act upon to remediate your IT infrastructure’s issues.

This version 1.3.0 brings important improvements in reports development and in the interface ergonomics.

The changes are the following ones,

Centreon BI frontend

  • Adding and improving search engine;
  • In setting scheduled tasks:

Choose language reports;

  • Additional state (failed job) for scheduled jobs;
  • Possibility to Enable/Disable report template

CBIS engine

  • Improving the system log rotation
  • Improving information returned by the logs
  • Update generation engine BIRT 2.5.0 => 2.6.0

Centreon BI Reports

  • 5 New reports:
  • Availability of business activities – Centreon-BAM-ba-Availability
  • Performances of a resource – Host-Detail
  • Availability of resources – hostgroup Service-Availability-v3
  • Availability of resources with a service group as a parameter – servicegroup-v3-Availability
  • Information on disk usage and forecasting its evolution – hostgroup-Storage-Capacity
  • Information on disk usage and forecasting its evolution – servicegroup-Storage-Capacity
  • Traffic information aggregated by hour of day and day of the reporting period – servicegroup-Bandwidth-Usage-By-Interface
  • Traffic – Traffic-v2-servicegroup

Discover these new reports on the Centreon web site.

  • Updated reports:
  • Servicegroup-Availability
  • Centreon-BAM-Business-View
  • Servicegroup-Graphs (filtering services by service category)
  • Hostgroup-Graphs (filtering services by service category)
  • Host-graphs (filtering services by service category)
  • Theme Centreon;
  • Others monitoring objects can be used as report parameters (metrics and time periods(notification and control));
  • Internationalization of reports;
  • Customizable reports title;
  • Adding new data sets in Centreon BI libraries.

The full change log of this module is accessible from the Centreon Web site.

This new version is available to current users of the module from their support interface.

If you are not using Centreon BI yet and wish to try it please contact our sales department to request a demo.

All new functions will soon be on the Centreon demo platform.

The MERETHIS developers’ teams are currently working on a new version of Centreon BI which will be soon available.

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Happy upgrade!

The MERETHIS team.

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