Centreon BI 2.0.2 Release note

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This new version of Centreon Business Intelligence integrates the improvements released with the version 1.6.2.

It also brings new optimizations and bug fixes specific to the version 2.0 of Centreon BI:

  • Simplification of the installation procedure
  • Compatibility of the interactive view with HTTPS
  • Replacement of the MySQL JDBC driver by the Mariadb JDBC driver
  • A single executable for the ETL management
  • The statistics rebuild period can be based on the data retention parameters or set manually
  • Disabled host groups do not appear anymore  in the report parameter’s form
  • Minor fixes on several reports

For further information, see the release note in the product official documentation platform.

The upgrade to Centreon BI 2.0.2 needs the execution of some specific procedures. Please make sure you are using the online documentation to upgrade step by step. Upgrade now!

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