Centreon Broker 0.9.0-RC1 is available

After 10 months of intense development, Centreon Broker 0.9.0-RC1 is finally out ! You can download Centreon Broker now.

This is the first official release of Centreon Broker so it might contains some bugs. Please be kind and report them

First of all, what is Centreon Broker ? It’s a Nagios plugin used to export events into databases. It is somehow similar to the old NDOUtils. However Centreon Broker has many more features and is much more extensible. If you’re interested, please check out the Centreon Broker forge or Centreon Broker wiki. For those who like to go straight to the goodies, here’s an overview of Centreon Broker’s main capabilities.

Centreon Broker is secure.

Using the industry-standard TLS protocol, no attacker will be able to decrypt the information sent over the network about your IT infrastructure. You can even authenticate the monitoring node, thus avoid potentially bogus data to be treated as monitoring results.


Centreon Broker is fast.

Merethis worked with MySQL to elaborate a database schema that would provide good performances and ease of use at once.

Centreon Broker is scalable.

Using a threaded design, Centreon Broker can easily scale up on modern multicore processors.

Centreon Broker is flexible.

The software is provided in two forms : a Nagios plugin and a standalone executable. Both have the same capabilities and can be chained ! This allows a greater flexbility as it can be used to build a lightweight interface or a global data aggregator.


Enjoy this new open source software from Merethis ;-)

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