Centreon CLAPI (Manage Centreon configuration) 1.4.0 released

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The Centreon CLAPI module (Centreon Command Line API) is a tool to manage all configuration of Centreon server objects’. Using command line from a terminal, it’s possible to add/modify/delete configuration objects of the scheduler (Hosts, Services, contacts, Groups, etc.), the access control list (ACL) of Centreon GUI or manage schedulers and brokers.
Since Centreon-CLAPI version 1.3.0 which brought the complete management of the ACL of the Centreon GUI as well as Nagios© and NDOutils broker, the new version 1.4.0 completes the management of Centreon objects by bringing the support of SNMP traps as well as complete management of the Centreon-Broker.
Here is the detailed list of the new features:

  • Management of SNMP Traps
    • List all SNMP traps
    • Add / Delete SNMP traps definition
    • Set parameters of a trap (name, comment, OID, status ,execution command , …)
    • List matching rules of a trap
    • Add / Modify / Delete a matching rule to a trap
  • Manage Centreon-Broker
    • List all available Centreon Broker CFG
    • Add / Delete a Centreon Broker CFG
    • Set parameters of a Centreon Broker CFG
    • List Centreon Broker I/O
    • Add / Get / Set / Delete parameters of Centreon Broker I/O

The management Centreon-Broker’s I/O allows you to define the storage of data (perfdata) into adatabase or RRD for graphs and configure log files and manage correlation of events for notification process. For more information about Centreon-Broker, please follow this Centreon documentation website.
The wiki dedictaed Centreon-CLAPI was updated by the Centreon team. All new features are fully detailed in it. Please note that some commands have been modified so we strongly recommend that you check your commands with this new release.

As usual, we invite you to report any bug that you may encounter at our forge to follow each ticket.

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