Centreon comes to the States with US registered trademark

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With more than 45.000 users worldwide, Centreon keeps growing in every countries.

With now more than 10% of Centreon users located in America, MERETHIS has decided to protect the product by registering the trademark “Centreon” first in the United States to secure the name, the product, and the community.
It has been a long road to get this trademark registered, with tedious and lenghty procedures. It’s now done and Centreon is officialy registered as trademark in United-States from July 12, 2011 :)

Centreon US trademark

We would like to thanks you all, contributors, customers and end users to use our products all around the world. Hoping it will go on :)

You can be involved in this international growth too by helping us to translate Centreon in other langages.

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