Centreon E2S 2.0 released

Centreon EventLog to Syslog 2.0 version is now released. What brings this new version? What are the new features?

The Centreon E2S module allows going through the Microsoft Windows events, with regular interval, in order to control the latter by the rules previously defined by the user. It’s implemented as a service in the automatic starting mode.

If one event matches the research rules, the program will translate the Windows event within the Syslog format, defined in the RFC 3164 of IETF, then it will sent it to a Syslog collector defined in the configuration file.

Logo Centreon E2S

This version 2.0 is a refactored version of Centreon E2S 1.1 including new features:

  • XML configuration file (instead of an INI file)
  • New debugging system:
  1. Two verbosity modes
  2. EventLog rotation by size (Mb)
  3. Error codes to facilitate the debugging
  • Possibility to apply one rule to multiple Windows EventLog
  • Possibility to add inclusive and exclusive filters for searching purpose
  • New configurable buffer system for storing logs in case of Syslog connection failures (TCP protocol)
  • Fixes an encoding issue
  • New binary for installation / uninstallation

More information on the project available from the Centreon forge. The documentations are also available from the Centreon Forge. You can download the binary from the Centreon Forge. In order to access the Centreon forge, you will need to create an account which can easily be done here. If you wish to be informed of the next Centreon releases you may subscribe today to our Newsletter.

Happy upgrade!


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