Centreon Engine 1.0 new release

This new version of Centreon Engine mainly adds changes at the code level and its writing. If the Centreon Engine end user only perceives a slight performance improvement at this stage, developers and contributors of the project will find significant advancements marking a major milestone in the evolution of this new monitoring engine from Nagios.

The new features for Centreon Engine 1.0,

Among the most important modifications there is, a changement of the extensions management system. Being administered as Apache modules, their configuration and management is now simplified. It is also easier to industrialize them. To make Centreon Engine more modular, developers decided in this version to make the Nagios external commands management system as extensions (the Nagios pipe is named nagios.cmd). By isolating the core it has become more reliable. This makes it possible to lighten the core of Engine and integrate unit tests on the module part. They then built a new extension allowing to manage external commands via a web service, providing the opportunity to receive a result confirming that they have been taken into account. In this case, the modules system will offer to choose a very simple management system of external controls.

Another important step include the cleaning of the code by the development team. This has reduced the number of existing dependencies between files. This “clean up” was necessary to enable the integration of unit tests in the code and thus increases the quality of future developments. You can now follow these unit tests on a dedicated portal.

Today, any changes or developments in Centreon Engine are followed by a unit test that validates. Adding many unit tests ensures a better code quality.

The latest changes in this 1.0 version concern the interpretation system or “parsing” of the Centreon Engine configurations, the log management system and the implementation of various bugfix.

If you want more information about changes to this version, please visit the Centreon forge.

About Centreon Engine next version,

The version 1.1 currently being tested and stabilized will offer significant performance gains. The load graph from our test server already shown the Centreon Engine progress.Centreon Engine_Perf_Graph

This next version will benefit from recent changes to remove all unnecessary code on disk while significantly reducing the number of forks at the launch of execution commands. It will radically change how Nagios performs its checks and so provide a significant gain in performance.

Centreon Engine 1.1 also propose a new connector system that will initially be inactive but ready for 1.3 version. This will allow the use of specialized connectors for querying resources in the next versions. They will be responsible for carrying out the query request, and so relieve the scheduler task. Finally, the scheduler can no longer be stuck by “timeout” or various latencies of execution.

The development team is currently working on his first connector, the ICMP, from check_icmp plugin. During the development team latest tests the performance gain recorded was improved by 10, which is not negligible. This does, however, remain a first step. The developers think they can get better results. They will soon begin the study of other connectors such as NRPE, NSClient, Perl (formerly embeded perl), Python, WMI, HTTP, SNMP, etc …

How to contribute to the project,

The increasing number of downloads of the first version of Centreon Engine confirm a growing interest in a new monitoring engine and an alternative to Nagios. The Centreon Engine project is open to any contribution, volunteer help and in particular to test different versions.

For more information …

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