Centreon Engine & Centreon Broker – Technical and Performance Benchmarks

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From Nagios©/NDO to Centreon Engine/Broker

Since a few years, the core of Nagios© has been maintained by a single developer and as a consequence has been evolving at a slower pace. The Nagios© community had attempted several times to broaden the developer base. Many community members such as Centreon Development team tried to propose improvements and patches, but with little success. Effective community commitment gradually deflated, long standing community supporters decided to fork Nagios© (among them are the people around Icinga for example), so did we!


To improve performance and quality, Centreon Engine and Centreon Broker have been created as a Nagios© alternative.

Thanks to many strategic partners, Merethis has tested Centreon Engine during every development steps. Centreon Engine is now stable and already run in production from small to medium IT networks. However, even if Centreon Engine and Centreon Broker are stable enough to deploy them in production, what about the performances? This study is based on a simple and common use case of production that compare a Nagios© based monitoring system to a Centreon Engine one. This aim of this study is not to reach the top of the Centreon Engine performances but just to compare it with Nagios© in a standard use case and show you the performances it brings. We have added the explanation of the biggest evolution Centreon developers did to make it easier to understand. We have planned to publish full performance benchmarks in the next months. If you want to give us your feedback on this document, the results, or the explanation, feel free to comment this blog post !

Key Comparison Findings

  • Centreon Engine and Centreon Broker start and are ready really faster than Nagios© working with NDO.
  • It gives the control back to the administrator faster and allows to restart with less loose of monitoring data.
  • Centreon Engine requires less CPU, less memory and decreases the number of IO.
  • Checks are done faster with less latency, and much more checks can be done with the same server.
  • Centreon need less powerful monitoring servers thanks to these improvements.
  • They can be run more easily on virtual machines, making the monitoring cloud simpler.


Next steps

More detailled benchmarks are already planned for full performance of Centreon Engine working with Broker. New improvements are already under development within Centreon Engine and Centreon Broker. Some of them for example in the 1.2 Centreon Engine should decrease the CPU activity more than it already does…

Want to know more?

Please, download the benchmarks : Centreon Engine Benchmarks
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Download Centreon Engine and Centreon Broker

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