Centreon Engine

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Centreon Engine improves overall performance compared to other monitoring engines and brings new features in the latest stable version.

By changing the algorithm, the external command executions, macro generation, the monitoring engine and configuration file parsing have been improved.
Moreover, Centreon Engine comes with huge improvements for the log management. The log system has been rewritten to make it more generic and for better performance. It is thus easier for the developer to use and faster for the user.
Centreon Engine now brings Web Services in SOAP. They allow to change the basic configuration objects without reloading the whole Engine. Therefore, configuration changes do no longer require the monitoring system to shutdown, which was quite cumbersome on large installation systems.
Merethis developers have improved the plugin execution too by changing the fork process and adding the “connectors” concept.
Now, only one single daemon runs multiple checks. Thus, it requires less resources in terms of processor load and data transmission (I/O). Both the connectors and the existing plugin execution system can run at the same time. The first connectors are under development and will be available in the future releases on Centreon Engine.

Version 1.1 of Centreon Engine is already available for downloading. Several versions will soon be released as communicated in the (very ambitious!) roadmap available on the Centreon website.
The next version (1.2) is currently under  development. It will provide additional features such as Web services in replacement of external command line.

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