Centreon Enterprise Server makes monitoring for all Windows-based applications and environments easy.

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Centreon Enterprise Server (CES) now includes an agentless-monitoring solution dedicated to Windows-based applications and environments. Based on Microsoft’s Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) API, this brand new tool will save monitoring team time and efforts deploying performance and availability software.

Centreon Enterprise Server: monitoring made easy

In 2011 Merethis released CES (Centreon Enterprise Sever) a GNU / Linux distribution dedicated to a Centreon based monitoring platform based on CentOS and Red Hat operating systems. CES provides pre-configured out-of-the-box tools to automate the monitoring of essential system resources deploy alert management and business service management and set up your monitoring portal and console.

On top of that you can subscribe to other Merethis products (Centreon BAM, Centreon BI and Centreon Map). CES integrates a few more specific extensions such as pre-configured models and plug-in developed by Merethis team. They are dedicated to OS, hardware, network components, and middleware. You can easily set up a proper monitoring platform following some good practices and using the templates that you can find within CES.

Currently subscriptions are available through Merethis and its consulting partners. To know more about the CES offers, please go online on the Centreon website

Centreon Entreprise Server WMI Monitoring tool

Windows Management Instrumentation is the implement of Web-Based Entrerpise Management (WBEM) by Microsoft©. WBEM deals with system resources management and monitoring.

Working on WMIC (Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line) and WQL (Windows management instrumentation Query Language) requests, Merethis R&D teams have developed new tools supported by Centreon Enterprise Server making it possible to build custom agentless-monitoring solutions for all Windows-based applications and environments or based on WBEM

CES can collect applicative and system data without additional components to install on Microsoft© Windows servers. As a built in tool with CES, it makes the deployment and monitoring management easy for Microsoft© Windows environment.

MERETHIS has worked on two types of plugins that can: :

  • monitor some elements of system :
    • service states when auto-start or service operating ;
    • CPU usage rate ;
    • disk usage rate ;
    • event logs monitoring ;
    • files monitoring (presence by name, extension, age, size, etc) ;
    • bandwidth usage rate in network interface ;
    • virtual or real memory usage rate (paging file) ;
    • process monitoring (number, consummation, memory, execution argument, etc) ;
  • monitor some applications using WBEM such as MS Active Directory, MS Exchange, MS IIS, MS SQL Server, MS Sharepoint, MS HyperV, Citrix, etc.

The second plug-in is extensible and helps the Microsoft© Windows admin to monitor the application he wants. Indeed, the plug-in uses all collected information that has been described in XML files. If the admin knows perfmon (performance monitor) and how WMI works, he can extract all information he wants and monitor them.

To sum it up, Centreon WMI tools make the automation of monitoring tasks in Microsoft© Windows environment easy customizing control rules and options. Using WMI tool, no more need for local deployment, or tedious configuration…

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