Centreon Map 3.1.0 released

Centreon Map is an advanced cartography tool that allows you to present Centreon indicators with easily-understood views. Thanks to the « drill-down » navigation, users can create personalised views with no restrictions on the death of the drill-down. The most important statuses for monitored components are displayed in real time through a variety of tailor-made views specific to the needs of each individual user : business, functional, technical, or topological focus as the case may be. Creating views is a simple task indeed using drag-an-drop techniques on the resources configured within Centreon. Views are automatically synchronised and updated with the data collected by Centreon and Nagios.

Centreon Map is now available in the version 3.1.0. This new version brings improvements on acknowledgement and downtime as well as partial compatibility with Centreon Broker.

We recommend you upgrade to this latest version of Centreon map.


The acknowledgments of limited duration were added. This means that from now on, an acknowledgement may have a duration. Once it is exceeded and the alert is not corrected, the acknowledgement disappears. This feature allows an operation team to avoid spending time acquitting the alerts without really correcting them.


Predefined times are available via the popup menu. However, this feature requires installing the module Centreon Broker and is only activated if it is detected. The window has been visually improved.


The flexible downtime are now handled. This type of downtime allows to determine a time slot during which an item in a problem state will automatically be considered in downtime for the duration previously specified.


For example, a Centreon Map user can define the following flexible downtime:

  • Start Time: 21:00
  • End Time: 22:00
  • Duration: 3:00

Therefore, the flexible downtime can begin between 9:00 pm and 10:00 pm. It will have a duration of 3 hours as soon as it will start. It only starts if the equipment or the service is in error between 9:00 pm and 10:00 pm. If the service or the equipment “fall over” at 9:18 pm, the downtime will begin at 9:18 pm and will end at 00:18 am.

new downtime

The context menu can now launch pre-configured downtime.

Recursive actions,

The acknowledgements and downtime can now be applied to all sub-elements of a selected item.

Various additional corrections,

Times in different Centreon Map views are refreshed more frequently. This includes all representations of times in screens: time since last test, alert duration, acknowledgement duration …


Custom ports to configure the HTTP proxy server are now managed to access the Java Web Start. The images are sent when adding a resource, and not only when reloading.

The full changelog of this module is accessible from this web site. This new version is available to current users of Centreon Map from their support interface. If you are not using Centreon Map yet and wish to try it please contact our sales department to request a demo. All new functions will soon be on the Centreon demo platform.

The MERETHIS developers’ teams are currently working on a new version of Centreon Map which will be soon available.If you wish to be informed of the next releases you may subscribetoday to our Newsletter.

Happy upgrade!

The MERETHIS team.

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