Centreon Plugins Packs now have a status!

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With the growing number of packs, and Centreon Plugins code evolution, we found it necessary to add a status information on each pack. This article gives details about this information that will soon appear in your list of packs.

Problems raised by packs evolution

Pack obsolescence management

Some packs must be retired, replaced by new packs, matching plugin evolution in Centreon Plugins. That’s the case for old Cisco packs (2900, 3750, 3850 and so on) that were replaced by a generic Cisco Standard pack. Until today, you had no information about the deprecation of the pack, RPM was still available on our repositories. There is a risk you keep using packs relying on plugins that do not exist anymore in Centreon Plugins, with RPMs finally disappearing from repositories.

Some packs in test phase

Sometimes we deliver to our clients packs in test phase. These packs are shipped temporarily without being exposed by YUM Plugins Packs repository, but are listed by Plugins Pack manager with other stable packs.

This summer, we have released a new pack for Microsoft Exchange, that was tested successfully with some of our clients. This pack deserves more tests on larger installations before being labelled as “stable”. So, if you want to participate to these tests, feel free to contact us.

In both cases, it is hard to make distinction between these packs and other stable packs.

Solution: add a status to each pack

In order to give visibility on a pack status, we are currently adding a status to each pack, with values in:

  • stable
  • testing
  • dev
  • experimental
  • deprecated

A new version of Plugins Packs manager 1.3.0 is necessary to manage this new information, and display this status this way:


In some cases, we may display a new tooltip close to the pack status to give you more information:


Finally, note that even if Plugins Packs manager update to 1.3.0 is needed to handle this new information, it is only populated during each individual update of the packs. We have to generate new versions of each pack in the following weeks so that “unknown” statuses are replaced by the real status (“stable” for most of them, “deprecated” for a few of them, and “experimental” only for Microsoft Exchange pack).

In all cases, we invite you to refer to the online documentation for more information, it is regularly updated: https://documentation.centreon.com/docs/plugins-packs/en/latest/

In addition to the update for Plugins Packs manager 1.3.0, if you want to update packs to benefit from this new status, get the update procedure for the packson the documentation website.

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