Centreon Syslog (Surveillance of syslog events) 1.3.3 released

What brings this new version? What are the new features?

The Centreon Syslog module allows to display in a unified interface the Syslog events of a network. Leaning on the basis of data fed by services such as syslog-ng or rsyslog, this module is compatible with the version 2.1.x of Centreon.

This version 1.3.3, is a corrective version which eliminates some dysfunctions raised by our users:

  • White pages and impossibility to use drop-down lists in the Web browser Explorer.
  • Problem of download of ODT file from search page using IE
  • Export data error from search in ODT format due to accents encoding
  • Proble of select box on monitoring page which don’t work under IE8


The documentations were reshaped and include now further informations concerning the acceptance of special characters resulting from devils Windows such as Snare or Centreon-E2S and the compilation of the bookshop SSH2.

The documentation as well as the files of the sources are available on the Centreon forge, for the Centreon Syslog project in the documents and files tabs.

If you still do not possess any account on the Centreon forge, you can create one HERE.

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Happy upgrade!

The MERETHIS team.

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