Centreonian Interview – Raphael Troiano

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Hey everybody,

Ok, ok, we’re a little late for this interview in September. But with all the preparations for the upcoming releases, we haven’t had one minute and then, you are preparing a BarCamp # 3.

Moreover, this is the portrait of Raphael Troiano. Do you see him?


  • Could you introduce yourself?

I am a System and Network administrator for the pole CAP (l’union, l’Aisne-nouvelle, l’ardennais, l’est-éclair, libération champagne and CAP – different French region – public companies ) of the media group “Voix du Nord/Rossel”.
I am here for 6 years and I am involved in IT evolution.
As the same time as my job, I take an exam in the“conservatoire national des arts et métiers (CNAM)” to be system and network engineer and it will finish this year (school year).

  • How did you know Centreon and how long have you been using it (for you or your job)? On what types of projects?

I knew Centreon through Google search.
My usage is professional. We set-up some projects where the monitoring is integrated and we decided to set it up in 2009 in order to be more responsive and proactive on IT problems.
The monitoring is integrated technically on projects : strictly on the infrastructure system bricks (SAN, domain controller, messaging solution, …) and network and workflows related to media production or CMS as well.

  • In the operation context, what do you like in Centreon?

The huge advantage of the Centreon interface is that it offers a monitoring overview (especially with widgets) and a “tiny” metrology to extract trendlines.
Another advantage is the configuration interface that allows a non technical person in Nagios ecosystem to add or remove hosts and services easily.

  • Have you tried other monitoring softwares ?

I had the opportunity to test Shinken and Zabbix. But, by lack of time, I didn’t completed a precise performance comparison of these softwares.
I have chosen Centreon which we are fully satisfied .

  • Are you member of the Centreon community? What project? Have you sent some news (modules, functionality, etc.) of Centreon?

Of course !
On the Merethis side :
– I sent bugsreports and few patches on the Centreon forge
– I used to be one of the first community member to beta-test Centreon Engine and Centreon Broker
On the community side :
– I am developer/contributor of different modules : ndotools, pdfreports
– I try Centreon or modules RC when I am asked
– When I have spare time, I answer questions on the forum or more frequently on IRC.

  • Are you involved in others projects? Which one?

I “hang out” with FAN people but without real contribution. :)

  • Are you involved in Open Source events? For example, the Bar Camp?

For two years I come to Solution Linux meeting (in May in Paris). The first time as visitor and the second time with the Centreon community member label.
I was attending the two BarCamp. These events were very friendly because we can put faces to names / nicknames of person who is regularly discussing on the forums or IRC.
During these BarCamps, we had the opportunity to talk about news and all enhancement in coming in Centreon ecosystem, features that we think good or not finished. We can compare ideas about monitoring technical points.

  • In your view, in the short term, what feature is making difference for the users when they choose a software or any other?

To me, features making a difference are :
the detection of abnormal behaviors (ex : backup that double processing time overnight)
the incident prediction (example : in X days, storage server will be full with the current trend)
plugins and standard templates are communally available (maybe with a “certification” By Merethis) to use them

The features that make a difference in the long term will be:
– the high availability
– the automatic load (with rules-arbitrage)
– the event correlation

  • Which software would you like Centreon to be perfectly integrated with? Why?

Nagvis for the web cartography ! But it doesn’t seem to be a Merethis project (Centreon Map is Centreon cartography module under license)

  • From a wide variety of available data in Centreon, which one would you like for some advanced statistics?

No ideas.

  • Do you think that all data from monitoring can be useful beyond the simple exploitation of services?

It’s possible if we can have both technical and user experience. But, now, it is impossible to have a notion of user experience with complex scenarios on important applications.
If you have any ideas about Open-Source applications, I am taker… Meanwhile, the monitoring in my company stays in the operation.

  • Do you have a blog ?

I don’t have any blog. It may come one day. :)

Thank you Raphael !

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