Dear Centreon Community Members,

The Merethis teams would like to share some important news with you regarding the development of Centreon. As you may have noticed, we are slightly behind schedule regarding the release of the next major version. Despite the fact that the 2.2 version was delivered at the end of 2010, we aimed to present the version 3 during the first quarter of 2011. Unfortunately, it will not be possible.


The main reason why we could not respect our initial roadmap is due to the research led by our R&D team on new technologies, especially on the Zend Framework. More time was needed than expected to decide on its implementation within Centreon. The choice not to lean on Zend was finally made after numerous works.

We have now a delay from three to four months with regard to our schedule but the R&D team works hard to launch the version 3 of Centreon during the second quarter of the year. Further information available on the Centreon Forge.

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