How to check your Centreon BI platform?

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With the release of BI version 2.2 recently, we presented new report templates, notably on IT energy consumption, Virtualization and Availability of IT service activity.

Administrators and users of version 2.2 also had a serie of tutorials on the documentation, the goal of one of them was to check that your Centreon MBI plateform.

So how to check if your reporting plateform is operational and correctly configured so your first reports can be generated ?

Find out now !

It’s easy ! Start to check if the configuration of Centreon objects is done:

  • Host Groups, host categories and service categories should be defined in Centreon configuration. Each host have to be linked at least to one hostgroup and at least one host category, its services should be categorized in service categories. Groups and categories usage is detailed on this part of the documentation.
  • Check if your ETL configuration is done.

etl_options_enYou may find details for each option of the ETL configuration page on the chapter ETL Centreon BI: Configuration.

  • Check if the data retention is correctly configured and enabled:


and the purge cron is activated:


  • Check that the daily rebuild of the reporting data is activated:


  • Check that the default publication rule is correctly configured:


Now that the configuration has been checked, let’s control that the reporting server is up to date and ready to generate reports :

  • Check if the reporting data are up to date into the data warehouse. To do so, launch the command:

/usr/share/centreon-bi/etl/ --db-content

ETL execution OK, database is up-to-date” should be displayed.


  • Check that all partitions have been created into the data warehouse. To do so, launch the following command (This may take from some seconds to several minutes depending on the size of your database ):

/usr/share/centreon-bi/etl/ --partitions

The output should indicate : All partitions are up-to-date


  • Finally, check if CBIS service is running :


If everything that has been controlled in this article is OK, you can be sure that your reporting solution is operational and ready to work with it. Well done !
Soon you will discover a new tutorial on how to generate your first reports.

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