Manage Centreon with command lines thanks to Centreon CLAPI 1.5.0

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We’re happy to announce the release of Centreon CLAPI 1.5.0!

Centreon CLAPI, Command Line API, is a free and Open Source extension that allows you to manage your Centreon server with command lines. This new version brings back the compatibility with the recently released version 2.4 of Centreon but not only …


Some important bugfixes and features:

  • Generation of configuration files on Centreon 2.4 is now correctly done
  • Centreon Broker configuration files are also generated and exported
  • Multiple LDAP configurations is now supported
  • The SHOW action on HOST and SERVICE objects will display their statuses (enabled or not)
  • Possibility to list the hosts that are monitored by a specific poller
  • … and more!

The full list of bugfixes and new features are available at the forge.

The documentation is available on the official documentation site.

As always, be sure to checkout all the changes of this version before upgrading Centreon CLAPI on your environments of production.

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