Maximilien Bersoult has joined MERETHIS as Developer

Maximilien Bersoult joins the team of the MERETHIS Research and Development department better known under the name of the LAB. He will mainly participate in the development of Centreon.

He begun his career as Network Administrator at Progelog then he joined the LaSer Loyalty (Lafayette Services) where he handled the architecture and the management of the park. His experience of the monitoring with Nagios and Centreon acquired during his career at LASER LaSer Loyalty represent a precious asset that will allow him to deal with problems linked to the development of the Centreon software range.

Over these last years, he regularly followed the evolutions of the Centreon software range. He will thus have no problem jumping in from his arrival.

Maximilien is well known in the Centreon community for his various and numerous contributions to the project.

His dynamism and his cheerfulness will be precious to our team.

The MERETHIS team.

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