Merethis sponsor of the CFSL and Monitoring-Fr

Editor of the Open Source project CentreonMerethis always wished to support the action of other associations promoting Open Source software to the public, the professionals and the institutions in French speaking countries.

Member of the Association pour la Promotion et la Recherche en Informatique Libre, APRIL (Association for the Promotion and the Research in Free Computing), since 2005, Merethis looked for a way to share its good results with other organizations that share the same values.


By becoming in 2011, one of the sponsors of the Communauté Francophone de la Supervision Libre, CFSL (Francophone Community of the Free Monitoring), Merethis pursues its support initiative to another important actor of the promotion of free solutions who is besides specialist of the monitoring solutions.

In order to support the CFSL actions and projects, Merethis will finance partially the annual cost of the hosting of a dedicated server for the association. It also would like to help the association members to participate in tradeshows and seminars which will allow them to share their actions with a larger audience. This includes events such as the Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre, RMLL (Freeware International Meetings) and the Jeudis du Libre (Free Thursdays) in Brussels.

We hope that the sponsoring of the CFSL association will allow its members to go forward with their projects and that its blog Monitoring-fr become well known.

The Merethis team

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