New Additions to Centreon’s Plugin Pack Catalog

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If you are a CES user, you may already know of Centreon’s vast catalog of Plugin Packs and plugins available on GitHub.  They help plug your monitoring system from Centreon into your enterprise IT operations almost instantly, covering and obtaining data about availability and performance of various IT assets and infrastructure.

We’ve just enhanced the Plugin Packs to extend and make your monitoring coverage easy using CES.  

Monitoring Tomcat, JBOSS, Websshere, Weblogic with JMX

To carry out advanced monitoring of Java application servers, our new JMX monitoring plugin no longer needs to go through the Java connector since it uses the open source agent-based Jolokia (REST/JSON).  

Previously, a Java connector had to be installed on Centreon server to reach servers queried. The new plugin, coded in Perl, is based on the new Centreon Plugins standard and made to query the Jolokia agent directly. It conforms to standard protocols such as REST/JSON. This agent can be installed like any webapp in the application server to be monitored

Microsoft Windows Monitoring with NRPE

There are different ways of monitoring Windows servers. Our Plugin Packs already cover SNMP templates and other templates using the WMI connector based on Samba.

As sponsor of the NSClient++ project, CENTREON adds to its plugin catalog a solution based on NRPE protocol that works by having an agent installed in the monitored server. It enables more complex monitoring especially over disparate sites with remote command execution or log analysis for example, and integrates common checks by default.

Our Microsoft Windows Plugin Pack offers a re-packaged archive of NSClient++ by integrating the entire Centreon plugins for the Windows environment, recompiled on native code and pre-configured.

Monitoring for the following is included:

  • Overall Active Directory health
  • IIS server
  • Exchange 2010 basic controls (and there are more to come!)

If needed, it’s possible to access the archive generating system to re-generate your own NSClient++ archive to add commands to it or delete those that are not used.  Go here for more information on this project.

CENTREON™ recommends two methods for monitoring the Windows environment:

  1. SNMP for those who don’t wish to add external components to their servers
  2. NSClient++/NRPE for those who wish to carry out advanced commands; in this case the plugin development of Centreon Plugins that can be compiled natively is highly recommended.

Monitoring of vCenter, Guest, ESX and Datastores with VMWare SDK

The release of version 2.0 for Centreon ESXD connector, based on VMWare’s SDK, has been renamed Centreon VMWare.  The connector for which the source code can be found on GitHub, was globally improved to now include the use of ZeroMQ library.  Feel free to fork and add new features to it!

Note to users: the upgrade from Centreon ESXD 1.5 to Centreon VMWare 2.0 needs to be carried out manually. Contact us to get the official procedure.

Centreon Plugin Pack licensing has been updated

Centreon Plugins are part of the licensing modification intended for most of our software. Like Centreon Web, Centreon Broker, Centreon VMWare and other Centreon software, plugins are now distributed under Apache Software License (ASL) instead of GPL v2.

See our announcement on August 11 2015.
More information on Apache license (ASL)

To find out more, get the full details on our Centreon Plugin Pack catalog and follow us on Twitter @CentreonPP.

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