New version of Open Source module Centreon CLAPI

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Centreon CLAPI (stands for Command Line API) allows you to control your Centreon server from the command line terminal. It gives you the possibility to add, modify but also delete all objects’ configuration in Centreon (hosts, services, contacts, groups) directly from a terminal.
CLAPI has been created for Centreon admin to save time, it can be tedious to use the Centreon web portal when you need to interact with several servers at a time. When your modifications are finalized, you can even generate the Nagios©/ Centreon Engine configuration, test it and finally restart the engine directly through Centreon CLAPI.
Distributed architectures are perfectly supported, since Centreon CLAPI can also manage multiple Nagios© authorities.

Centreon CLAPI 1.3 released

We are very pleased to announce the release of Centreon CLAPI 1.3 which brings quite a lot of bugfixes and of course and a major improvement for better object management! With Centreon CLAPI 1.3, you can now interact and modify any Centreon object or conf directly via the CLAPI command line interface.

If you are currently using Centreon CLAPI on a production environment, please note that some commands have been modified so we strongly recommend you check out the CentreonWiki first before you even consider upgrading the module.

As usual, we invite you to report any bug that you may encounter at our forge to follow each ticket.
Enjoy !

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