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The Centreon Business Intelligence (BI) module offers in-depth examination of the data collected by your Centreon monitoring tool. Centreon BI is driven by a very powerful reporting engine and offers the possibility of generating custom reports on the availability and performance of your IT infrastructure. Based on the logs and data collected by Centreon, reports generated by Centreon BI allow you to accurately analyze data to find the critical indicators that you can quickly act upon to fix your IT infrastructure’s issues.

The 1.4 version brings major improvements such as new reports where maintainability (MTTR) and reliability (MTBF) of equipments can now be measured. This new version also includes some planning forecast algorithms for performance metrics, thus allowing you to foresee the saturation of capacity indicators, for example.

Centreon BI integrates some new features to make easy to customize, generate and  publish reports. The reporting engine automatically parallelizes generation tasks of reports depending on the estimated load per report template.
From your dashboard, you can customize logo on the head page or headers of your reports. The documents which are generated by the reporting engine can be published on different platforms at the same time : Windows© share folders, FTP server, Linux server, e-mail.


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  1. Through my experience of exattcring, consolidating, and running reports the most beneficial report is one that is precise, clear, and informative.The most difficult task is running an accurate report quickly. Pulling from multiple databases only to reformat many times is both time consuming and a wasteful resource of labor. The greatest asset I have been involved with was consolidating data to one database, therefore, reducing the labor, increasing the accuracy, and allowing more time to be spent on higher level priorities.A few favorite reports/ reporting features are:-Visuals (Pie charts, bar graphs, pivot tables)-The ability to manipulate data within the designed database and exportation to excel and/or pdf.-Gantt charts

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