Release Centreon BI 1.5.3

This version brings significant improvements in the ETL and the reports:

  • The RRD graph export reports have been updated in order to integrate more input parameters (new graphs filters);
  • The capacity planning report « Hostgroup-Capacity-Planning-v2 » was refactored in order to integrate business hours (timeperiod) and new filters for the statistics calculation;
  •  The ETL execution time was reduced for the calculation of analysis dimensions (« dimensionBuilder » process);
  • A document, called “quick guide”, was produced to improve the understanding of Centreon BI architecture and the importance of each process.

You will find below the main bugs solved by this version :

  • The graphs containing a character slash “/” in the name of the metrics was not displayed in the RRD graph export reports;
  • The calculation of the statistics aggregated by month was executed only the second day of the month instead of the first day of the month. A bad management of the timezones has resulted in an offset of the timestamps for each monthly built statistic.

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