Release Centreon Map 3.5

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The new release of Centreon Map, the advanced cartography and modelling tool is now available: the 3.5 version.
Please find all evolution details below.

Display nagios host relationships

With Centreon Map 3.5, you can easily display the relationship between host based on Nagios. This feature allows you to quickly find the potential impact on the host unavailability.

Three representations are available

Radial (centered on a host)

Spring (grouped by lot)


Improved load link

  • The unidirectional link

While the bidirectional load link is often used to represent traffic services, the unidirectional link can represent input or output flow, usually found in application or process.

For example, in the case of an e-commerce website, the Centreon Map user can know at a T time, the percentage of sent parcels compare to maximum the capacity of treatment available.

  • Customization of the metrics associated with a link

Metrics associated with load link are now customizable.

As a user, you can select the input metric (unidirectional & bidirectional link) and output metric (bidirectional link) from all the available metrics associated to a service.

To continue with the example above (the e-commerce website), the maximum treatment capacity may depend on the day of the week. Therefore, it is necessary to override the maximum limits to get the percentage of processing capacity use.

  • Customizable legend

The load link legend can be customized. As a user, you can edit Thresholds and associated colours.







Default thresholds and associated colours are the same as the previous version.

Viewing services as graph

A new style is available for isolated services (and only them): the graph style. Service can be displayed as a graph. It is automatically updated.

Better integration of Centreon ACL

Centreon Map now inherits ACLs from Centreon: acknowledgement, downtime and force check.

If users want to keep the behavior of previous versions, they can override the Centreon ACL.

Transform view to container and vice versa

This new version allows the transformation of a container to view, and vice versa. The list of views is available beside the Centreon resources. The transformation from view to container is operated with drag and drop. Transformation from container to view is available with contextual menu.

Authentication enhanced

– Centreon Map can auto reconnect after a disconnection
– Server can be tested on the authentication dialog
– After a java webstart authentification, used profiles are automatically saved.

The full changelog including minor corrections is available for Centreon Map users from their support interface.

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