Release of Centreon Broker 2.8 and Centreon BAM 3.0

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In case you missed it, Centreon BI 2.1.0 has been released recently. Only a short while after, we are very proud to announce the release of Centreon BAM 3.0.0 and Centreon Broker 2.8.0, these products can now interoperate.
The way your Business Activities are computed has been overhauled thanks to a new performant system.

As a reminder (or for your information), Centreon BAM is a proprietary module that you can purchase or it could be delivered to you through the Centreon Enterprise Server Complete edition.

You should no longer monitor your technical checkpoints only !

Make the best of your monitoring system with Business Activities that enable you to keep a close eye on the global health of your applications and business services.

The key feature of these releases is the real time computing system for your Business Activities, the SLAs will now be much closer to what really happens in the field.

Indeed, the Business Activities are no longer computed from a poor (performance-wise) script scheduled by the cron system !

Centreon Broker is good enough to directly calculate the global healths and statuses of Business Activities.
It used to take up to 2 minutes to get the real status of a BA in the previous version of Centreon BAM, but it is now computed instantly !

The former architecture of Centreon BAM was like that :


With the real time computing system, the architecture is much simpler and much more performant:


Update procedure :

The update procedure must be followed throuroughly in order to avoid any data corruption (

Compatibilities :

For Centreon Broker-2.8.0 :




>= 2.5.3

For Centreon BAM :




>= 2.5.3

Centreon Broker

>= 2.8.0

That also means that Centreon BAM starting from its version 3.0.0, will be no longer compatible with NDO.

Note that Centreon BAM 2.4.7 is also released at the same time and it has been greatly improved performance wise, although not as good as version 3.0.0.

If you haven’t got the opportunity to try Centreon BAM yet, feel free to contact for your trial license.

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