RMLL 2012

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For the first time, the Libre Software Meeting – LSM (Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre – RMLL 2012) took place out of France, in Geneva, Switzerland. From 7th till 12th of July, the Centreon Community was there to meet all different Open Source community members. For the general public weekend, the LSM had taken place in the Plainpalais’main hall. Ideally located downtown, thanks to this event, Geneva people discovered the Open Source though associative stands.

RMLL 2012
Then, the LSM was situated in the Uni-Mail University from the 9th to the 12th July with talks, workshops,Lightning-talksand round tables about FLOSS and it usage.

Maximilien Bersoult (aka leoncx) delivered on July 10th (in Uni Mail) a speech called “How to optimize my monitoring platform: Centreon Engine, Nagios or Incinga?”. You can find more information about this conference on the LSM website.

Conférence RMLL Max

During this event, Free Software developers, users and stakeholders shared and talked with the Centreon Community about their monitoring expectations.We told them about the news features of Centreon: for example customizable pages with widgets, real-time graphics. We also presented some parts of the Centreon Software Suite roadmap such as the high-disponibility with Centreon Broker, the optimization of check scheduling via Centreon Engine or the brand new connector between via Centreon and GLPI.

We really want to thank each of you who came to see us, share with us and special thanks to DiscoM who attended Maximilien’s conference and sent us some nice pictures!

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  1. Merci Oui Centreon est en train de mettre au point une gestoin externalise9e (du point de vue Nagios) des e9ve8nements (en gros la corre9lation de la source du proble8me). Le daemon qui s’occupe de cela est multithreade9 (le code a l’air clean en plus), le sche9ma de base est bien pense9 et va apporter une gestoin de la haute disponibilite9 e0 Centreon (pour l’instant e7a fait de la re9partition de charge, mais il ne faut pas perdre un poller sinon ). Bref, e7a promet

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