Shinken – Centreon workshop

A Shinken – Centreon workshop was held in the Merethis office in Gentilly, on Friday, October 15th, 2010. The organization of this workshop comes within the scope of the opening to the other monitoring tools currently available on the market and in the stakes which are connected with it, shown by the MERETHIS teams.

This meeting allowed the MERETHIS teams to know better Jean Gabes and the monitoring software Shinken that he has created.

The Shinken – Centreon workshop took place in two phases.

It began with a presentation of the projects Centreon Broker and Centreon DHANA by Matthieu Kermagoret from MERETHIS.


Matthieu Kermagoret

About Centreon Broker

Centreon Broker offers a new effective way of storing your Nagios events in a database. It is not only very fast but also very flexible due to its main engine, which allows you now to decide exactly how your data circulate in your network. You can also set up auxiliary databases to only monitor a part of your IT infrastructure.

About Centreon DHANA

The objective of Centreon DHANA is to add a layer of load balancing and high availability to Centreon. Currently under development, it should rely on the structure of Centreon Broker which will be compatible with the 2.3 version of Centreon.

These were followed by the presentation of Shinken by Jean Gabes.


Jean Gabes

About Shinken

Shinken is a monitoring tool compatible with Nagios. It is written in Python. The main objective of this software is to allow users to access a fully flexible architecture for their monitoring system that can easily scale to large environments.

Each of the participants was then able to exchange on the presented projects.

These discussions continued throughout the afternoon, approaching diverse and varied themes such as the monitoring exploitation, the exchanges between communities and the points of possible convergences between the software.


The day ended in a very promising observation regarding the possible improvements allowing the diverse software to have a better compatibility between each others but also withCentreon and Nagios.

Thanks to Jean Gabes for his availability and its kindness!

The MERETHIS teams.

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