The Centreon Community is exploring at the FOSDEM 2013

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We’ve warned you, this year the Centreon Community was well represented at the FOSDEM .

Charles (aka cjudith), Maximilien (aka leoncx), Antoine (aka Tonio) and Laurent (aka AkHeNaToN), all members of the Centreon Community have done the trip to Brussels.


Today, we tell you everything about what they found …As a reminder, the FOSDEM is a major event in the Open Source. It takes place every year in Brussels in February. It is possible to attend many conferences, discover new trends and especially to meet, to share and to exchange with various Open Source communities.

The trends,

This year, the main trend is the continuous integration in developments (quality tests), but also the automated generation of multi-platform package (Debian and RPM package), the development of Communities, the main development languages and the database engines.

Charles (aka cjudith) commented on this: “The current trends shows that we can always improve our tools. With Dirk Haun’s conference (What’s our status) that we attended on Saturday, we got to see a different approach to show the information. We realized that we can optimise the way we display alerts in Centreon. On the other hand, Markus Lehtonen’s conference about the automated generation of RPM packages has allowed us to discover new tools to generate packages. We could use this idea or maybe the system for our various projects such as CES (Centreon Enterprise Server) and our community modules.”


The conferences,

The Conferences, Keynotes, Developer Rooms and Lightning Talks’ subjects were more interesting than others. The Centreon team has selected events on the following themes : the integration tests quality, the tools for generating multi-platform packages (Debian and RPM), the virtualisation, and management of high-volume data. In total, the team was able to participate in more than twenty presentations.

If you also have the desire to discover conferences, they were filmed and are available on the FOSDEM website.

In conclusion,

This visit to the 13th Fosdem allowed Centreon team to think more about improving the process of generation of packets for Centreon products, improve its continuous integration platform and the unit testing process.

It has also put forward new programming concepts (eg using  HipHop and PHP)), and the distribution of software (Software Collections).


To learn more about the role of the Community, how to participate in the Centreon project, we invite you to check the website pages dedicated to Centreon Community!

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