The new version of Centreon 2.2 RC2 is now available.

Notice to the community!

We are pleased to announce the release of Centreon version 2.2 RC 2. The changeLog of Centreon is available from our web site. A few more bugfixes and corrections and the stable will be soon available. You can find this RC version in the download section of Centreon Web site.

Centreon Community

The Merethis Devel Team and the contributors who helped with the realisation of this version encourage whoever wishes to test this RC version to do ASAP.

 We remind you that all bugs are to be reported on our forge in the Centreon-Core section. The forum is not a bug tracker, it is rather a place to exchange ideas and not a tool for development :)

 If you do not own an account on the Centreon forge, you can create one from HERE. 

If you would like to be informed of the next releases, subscribe to our Newsletter.

 Reminder: This is a RC version. We advise you NOT to use it in your environment of production and nobody can be held for responsible if you still wish to do it.

Enjoy the testing and thanks for your help!

The MERETHIS team.

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