The RRLL in Toulouse

Merethis glowed in late 2013 since before the JRES in Montpellier, we participated in the Regional Meetings of Free Software!

The National Council of Free Software decided in June 2013 to organize a set of events for the public sector and communities throughout France.
The aim was to allow CIOs in this sector and elected representative to discover the benefits of Free and Open Source solutions.


After a visit at Bordeaux, Merethis, member of Solibre, involved itself in organizing Toulouse stage on November 22 at the Toulouse Business School.
During the day, various feedbacks were gathered:

  • Mr Jean-François Martel, CIO of the City of Albi
  • Mr Frédéric Soultanem, Ministry of Agriculture, food and forestry
  • Mr Olivier Molina, CIO of the General Council of the Tarn-et-Garonne
  • Mr Antoine Maurier, Head of DSI project for the General Council of the Lot


This event was rather successful since there were a hundred visitors.
Many visitors were interested in Centreon (public and private) and we had the pleasure to participate in several discussions on their monitoring issues! Thank you ;)

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