A Happy New Year with Centreon and 3 New Versions

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At Merethis, we all wanted to wish you a Happy New Year for 2013. The best way we found to thank you for supporting the Centreon project was to work hard over the Holidays Period to launch 3 new major versions of our main Open Source products including:

  • Centreon 2.4.0
  • Centreon Engine 1.3.0
  • Centreon Broker 2.4.0

As well as a new online documentation site.

Today, we are happy to introduce all these innovations to you.

Centreon 2.4.0

Better integration with Centreon Engine and Centreon Broker

The installation process has been reviewed: it is now possible to specify the monitoring engine (Centreon Engine or Nagios) and the event broker module (Centreon Broker or NDOUtils). All you need to do right after a fresh installation is export your configuration files, then reload your monitoring engine and the monitoring system should be up and running!

This version offers the possibility to define the connectors for Centreon Engine. Obviously, you don’t need to configure these connectors if you are still using Nagios.

It’s been said that Centreon Broker can be cumbersome to set up, especially if you are not familiar with its functioning. Centreon 2.4 offers a configuration wizard now!

Custom views

This new page enables users to create their own views with various widgets and they are able to share their custom views with their colleagues!

See the user guide to learn more about this feature or check our previous post to see some pics.

Support for multiple LDAP servers

The LDAP authentication system is much more robust than before. Indeed, it is now possible to have multiple LDAP configurations on top of the failover system. The LDAP import form will let you choose the LDAP server to import from.

Make sure that all your LDAP parameters are correctly imported after an upgrade.

New autologin mechanism

A better autologin mechanism has been introduced in this version. Now using randomly generated keys, it allows you to access specific pages without beeing prompted for a username and a password.

Database indexes verification tool

If you upgrade from an old version of Centreon, now you can check the existence of all database indexes to ensure maximum performance.

Learn more

Don’t hesitate to check the forge or the online documentation.


Centreon Engine 1.3.0

Qt library removal

We decided to stop using the Qt library. For the XML part, we now use the xerces-c library and for the other part, we use the Centreon Clib library. This replacement allows us to have a better integration with all UNIX systems and better performance.

Performance improvement

  • Some algorithms were replaced (map instead of unordered map when possible)
  • The execution system now uses less resource (possibility to disable use_setpgid)

Variables deprecation

Some variables have been deprecated:

  • temp_file, temp_path, check_result_path and max_check_result_file_age are used in nagios to get check result information from the file system, but in Centreon Engine the execution system writes directly in memory
  • enable_embedded_perl, use_embedded_perl_implicitly, p1_file and auth_file are used in nagios by the embedded perl interpretor. In Centreon Engine, this mechanism is provided into the Perl connector. Engine.
  • lock_file, nagios_user and nagios_group are removed because these mechanisms are not used by the Centreon Engine startup script
  • bare_update_check and check_for_updates are removed. If you need to update Centreon Engine, use your package manager
  • free_child_process_memory and child_processes_fork_twice are removed. Centreon Engine forks just once and child memory is always released by the system
  • daemon_dumps_core is removed, you can create core dumps all the time if you are allowed to
  • log_archive_path and log_rotation_method are removed. Centreon Engine relies on standard logrotate daemons

New logrotate script

The logrotate mechanism has changed. Now we use the classical UNIX mechanism to manage log rotation (ie. based on logrotate daemons).

Improved Centreon compatibility

Default permissions on the status file have been changed to allow Centreon reading it.

Learn more

Don’t hesitate to check the forge or the online documentation.


Centreon Broker 2.4.0

Improved buffer management

To limit memory usage, you can use new buffer type, name “temporary” to store data on the hard disk. This feature is very usefull when you have many data in retention file.

RRD graphics management

Centreon Broker provides some new features to manage RRD graphics:

  • Disable status graph to save I/O
  • Rebuild graph with database history (like centstorage)
  • Remove metrics (like centstorage)

New configuration check tool

You can check Centreon Broker configuration from the command line with ‘-c’ option.

File module

You can now split output into multiple files.

Stats module

Some information is now available with the stats module:

  • The number of current queued events
  • The read offset in files

Learn more

Don’t hesitate to check the forge or the online documentation.

All new versions are available from the Centreon Forge but also from the Centreon Website.

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