And if we passed to MariaDB?

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Technical teams Merethis attended Wednesday, March 27 at the meeting “With Monty Widenius, the” dad of MySQL ® & MariaDB ” organized by SkySQL on the Seine .
This conference could allow them to meet Monty, the creator of MySQL and MariaDB and talk with him and SkySQL teams on future products based on MySQL.


Their experience and knowledge of the field now allow us to consider as a solution MariaDB database truly credible compared to MySQL.
It is obvious that future versions of Centreon Enterprise Server will be based on MariaDB for reasons of legitimacy, quality and performance. The evolution of the product MariaDB in recent months or years shows that this is a solution for the future on which we must rely.
One thing for sure is that now users can use MariaDB as Centreon DBMS. There are no compatibility issues, which is a good start.

Find the program of this conference on the SkySQL website.

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