Meta-services, why should you use them

Do you know the meta-services in Centreon?

Often misunderstood, the meta-services are rarely used. But they are a real added-value for those who know how to manage them. The information that meta-services produce can bring a good knowledge of your IT. This information concern real-time monitoring and performance graphs. This article, based on our expertise and experience, aims to present the meta-services and explain how to use and configure them.

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Good Practices: How to understand ACL

When a monitoring software is implemented, it serves many users whose needs often differ.
The ACL or Access Control Lists can define “who see what?” and “ “who act on what?”. Sometimes, they may be difficult to manage. Here is a useful methodology to understand and manipulate them.
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Good practices : Host group & service group, the good case-studies

At the beginning of this good practices series, we present a functionality about host groups but there are many functions for host groups and service groups. To manage these functions can help the user to optimize using them but using Centreon as well.. This article aims is to present different case-studies to get the best of your Centreon plateform.

A host group rationally contains several hosts and service group, several services. It means all elements in the group have the same noticeable characteristic. For example: the host group “WindowsServer” contains all Windows servers.

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Good Practices : Custom macros, the best way to get rid of $ARG…$-type arguments.

When you need to write or modify a command in Centreon, you sometimes come across unclear arguments such as $ARG1$ , $ARG2$… No need to say that we all hate them since there is no way we can remember them clearly.
We’d like to share with you a pretty simple method to help you write commands and remember/understand the arguments by using custom macros.

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Good Practices: Host templates and service templates, how they work together

We already introduce you to service templates and how you should use them. Host templates exist as well and have roughly the same features than service templates. But it’s important to know how to use all features to industrialize your configuration. So, you will find in this article all features you have to manage to optimize your Centreon platform.

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