Centreon BI – Release 2.1

Let’s start 2015 with brand new application reports, thanks to Centreon BI 2.1 !

This new version of Centreon BI is focused (partially) on reports based on Centreon BAM. To achieve that, two other products have parallely evolved : Centreon BAM 3.0 and Centreon Broker 2.8 (available soon). You are now able to get availability and performance statistics concerning your applications. In addition to these reports, you will discover a new one displaying acknowledgement and maintenance statistics. Last but not least, a new traffic report that focused on centile statistics is also coming with this new release.

The documentation has also evolved : it is now completely available in French. Moreover, the chapter concerning reports has been reorganised to ease their comprehension.

The data extraction system (ETL) includes two new features :

  • the possibility to select and limit the reporting perimeter to store in the data warehouse
  • a new type of statistics is aggregated in the data warehouse : centiles

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Centreon BI 1.6.1 released


This new version of Centreon Business Intelligence (BI) brings significant fixes for the ETL and report generation engine, it also corrects various minor bugs on the report designs.

For the users of Centreon BI 2.0, some of these fixes are already available in the version 2.0.1, the rest of them will be available in the version 2.0.2.

The upgrade towards the version 1.6.1 is strongly recommended to apply the following fixes:

  • The availability statistics calculation was incorrect in some particular cases
  • The report generation engine included two anomalies:
    • The publication by e-mail for non-admnistrator users was not executed
    • The cyclic jobs (daily, monthly, weekly) were executed only once.

Don’t forget to check the Centreon BI documentation in order to follow every steps of the upgrade.

The repositories of Centreon BI have also been modified, the latest repository information is available from your download center on the Centreon Support Platform.