Release: Centreon Map 3.4

Home screen

As a first contact for the users, the home screen is important and so, we decided to rework it. Now, it’s all graphic and has some new icons!

When he creates a view, the user now can associate name and description, but he can add an icon as well.He can now recognize easily all views by one single look. To make the view access easier, the user can filter this list and search through it. If the searched for name does matches, other views are hidden and they come back when the search area is empty.


Work space

With the 3.4 version, the work space has been improved! The R&D team worked with real care on all windows of the application.
To improve the ergonomic, we add a search box, we simplified most of components and we deleted useless boxes and fields. Then, we tried to brush up the interface. Now a full screenshot mode allows all information display and hide useless components when you are in the view operation phase. You can move and close all windows you want; so you can create work space totally custom for your needs and your specific expectations. We designed a new component: the window manager. It can open or close all available windows in a very short time.

Finally, you can find a very expected feature: you can save your work space! Indeed, this new version saves and reload automatically all components that are on the work space and for each view you use. You can implement a rich and complex work environment and don’t lose it: leave the application and Get your work space as you left it the last time!



In parallel, we improved administration component of Centreon Map First, we complete the toolbar with a navigation tool for history browsing.
As a Web browser, the user can now navigate in previous and next views. These new features have been added to “parent element” and they allow browser fluidity in the views.
We made the toolbar lighter: no more save button, all operations are automatically saved. We improve manipulation of objects as well with multiple selections.
Selected items can be moved with keyboard and can be automatically lined up vertically or horizontally.
You can improve your map by adding or processing pictures and backgrounds. You can add and resize these pictures directly through drag and drop in the view editor of Centreon Map.
Links are a specific function of Centreon Map and we improved them: you can now manage easily links thanks to link templates and application forms. In this version, you can create several links between 2 object of a view. Indeed, you can model your system or your infrastructure to give as far as different types of links (simple, state or load link) The geometric shapes that we use to model logical blocks are now able to take the color of the object with the most critical status. We have now a better overview of your IT.




We changed the identification process of Centreon Map.
This new component improves all features of login profiles that were proposed in the last version. We worked on the login, but on the logout as well.
If a user is disconnected, the application is hidden, the connection component appears and the application is locked like a system session can be.
Finally, if the user loses connection with the server, he isn’t disconnected directly from the application; so he doesn’t lose any information or time.


Inactive Collector

Last but not least; the latest improvement of Centreon Map is a new status!
The status “Inactive collector” is given each time a collector doesn’t answer anymore. This status means that the element isn’t monitored and so, its status is more critical than the “unavailable” status.
We add a window that can sum up the state of all collectors which are associated with monitored equipment.
Before, we used some notifications of these equipment to prevent the state of collectors; now these notifications are useless and can be hidden or inactivate.

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