Bests Practices: How to use groups of objects in Centreon

If you don’t know this type of object in the configuration of Centreon, if you want to upgrade your knowledge or if you want to get the best benefit of collected data of your monitoring platform, this article is for you!

This article uses basic definitions from previous one about use cases of hosts and services groups and tries to complete definitions.

A group of objects is a logical container to group objects of monitoring configuration in Centreon UI. Groups can be used with:

  • Hosts ;
  • Services ;
  • Contacts used for notification ;
  • Centreon web access users.

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Incoming search terms:

  • centreon notification host dependancy

Best practices: “How to develop or extend the Centreon Plugins”

In 2012, we presented the best practices for developing a monitoring plugin for your Centreon platform. Meanwhile, our team has developed a new ecosystem calledCentreon Plugins” to management monitoring plugins.

Although the previous article is no longer relevant, the basic concepts of development are still those in force:

  • return code of host’s plugin (UP, DOWN, UNREACHABLE, UNKNOWN) ;
  • return code of service’s plugin (OK, WARNING, CRITICAL, UNKNOWN) ;
  • output’s management (output également appelé short output, et long output) ;
  • perfdata’s management ;
 Today, we created an ecosystem based on:
  • main script (« ») ;
  • libraries for hardware, os, network equipment, storage, databases or applications ;
  • each libraries has a list of indicators to monitor.

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Centreon participated to Open Source management Day at Abidjan

Feedbacks from this event: Centreon was present in Abidjan with his partner Smile in Ivory Coast for the morning Open Source Management Day 2015 and the Digital Enterprise Days on 8 and 9 April.

Smile CI offered its customers a morning on the discovery of free software and open source. For the occasion, their partners, such as Centreon for the monitoring workshop or Wallix for safety workshop accompanied the Smile CI integrator and presented their customers experience feedbacks in the development of their solutions.


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