Tutorial: Export data to Graphite

Since its beginning, Centreon allows to display charts from collected performance data. These charts use RRDtool as data support storage and those are available in Centreon Web interface.
Henceforth Centreon allows to export collected performance data to Time Series Databases (TSDB).

Discover our new tutorial in which we explain how to use the Graphite TSDB and view the data with the Grafana dashboard.


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Tutorial: how to automate your Centreon monitoring with Salt

Today, IT infrastructures are more and more complex and dynamic. With cloud infrastructure and applications based on containers, infrastructure changes quickly and must be up to date into your monitoring system.

The best way to be up to date is to use automatization with a configuration management tool. In this article we will be use Salt like configuration manager but methodology are the same for other tools.

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Back from LSM 2013

From 8th till 11th of July,the Centreon Community represented by Maximilien Bersoult (aka leoncx) and Antoine Nguyen (aka Tonio) participated to the 14th Libre Software Meeting (LSM or RMLL en french) organised by a collective of local associations, with the support of public and private partners in Brussels (Belgium).


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