Centreon BI 2.0 Release

Centreon BI 2.0 breaks through the limits of the static reporting and offers a whole new report customization and data analysis feature. Rediscover your operational and business reports with web “interactive” dashboards.

Our goal: enable the “data driven decision making”, allowing you to make rational decisions based on accurate and reliable data. Centreon BI allows you to ignore the technical constraints related to data processing and the production of your key performance indicators. The software natively integrates features such as reports mass generation, publication and access control, and focuses today on the presentation and manipulation of statistics.

In order to bring a new dimension of operational data and business data analysis, a web portal allows you to customize reports and manipulate statistical data. You browse the content, refine your searches, and use drill-down navigation capabilities to identify the relevant information. Then, in real time, refresh the report on a different scope!
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BIRT : the reporting tool chosen by Centreon BI

BIRT is the open source business intelligence reporting tool that we chose to design Centreon BI reports.

Creating reports with BIRT can be made in 3 main steps:

  • Connect to data sources
  • Extract relevant data from the data sources to for the report
  • Layout and format the report

BIRT objective is to visualize your business data in tabular or graphical statistics. Even if BIRT allows you to connect different data sources in the same report, its use is not suitable for heavy calculations or aggregations that should be performed by an ETL (Extract Transform Load).

birt tool_centreonBI_1This article will only approach the report design (blue zone in the diagram above) and the main concepts of BIRT:

  • Data sources
  • Data sets
  • Data binding
  • Report parameters
  • Layout components (grids, tables and charts)
  • BIRT libraries
  • BIRT templates

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New Release Centreon BI 1.6.0 – coming soon

Released planned for the end of the year, the Centreon BI 1.6 version will be colorful !
Indeed, you will find some new features such as a dynamic theme management in the report designs , a more precise access control management based on report design group and scheduled tasks group.

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