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From 8th till 11th of July,the Centreon Community represented by Maximilien Bersoult (aka leoncx) and Antoine Nguyen (aka Tonio) participated to the 14th Libre Software Meeting (LSM or RMLL en french) organised by a collective of local associations, with the support of public and private partners in Brussels (Belgium).


The topics are “Science and Education” and Health.
Maximilien Bersoult had the opportunity to attend to the conference of Rodrigue Chakode “Open Source Monitoring : Monitor your Business Processes thanks to RealOpInsight”.
This tool allows you to create BPI (Business Process Intelligence) and BPM (Business Process Monitoring) views.

Free Software developers, users and stakeholders shared and talked with the Centreon Community about monitoring and Open Source.


We really want to thank each of you who came to see us, share with us.

Find all information about LSM ont the official website.

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